Sport SocialFi

Swiper - Where sport, game, and social meet crypto, making earning fun and easy!

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Upgrade your 3D stadium NFTs to earn more
Own a League, a Football Club together and build amazing wealth
Distinct privileges
Distinct privileges
Ownership of the world-class assets
Rocketedly increased values
Fractional ownership allows greater accessibility
More flexibility for owners to sell, trade, and manage assets
Allows multiple owners to share the value of asset
Create more liquidity for NFTs
Thousands of exciting Web3 events for Sport Fans.
Contribute to social activities to gain enormous incentives.
  • Engage in various social activities
  • Actively attend exciting events
  • Upgrade your profile and build network
  • Gain incentives for sport social contributions

How to Play and Earn

Own a Stadium NFT

and play game together

Entertain in swipe games

and earn tokens

Share & Grow Clan

to earn passively

Exchange Clan keys

to earn more or take profits